It’s All About Me – Deal With It

“It is always about you, because this is your game. Everything and everyone is here in your life and your world, because it is your game. Situations and people are merely reflecting back to you the way you have decided to play this game. People are mirrors for you to see how you are playing the game. They show you what tactics you have decided upon. Consider the people around you: Who impresses you and how? Who are you amazed at? Who infuriates you and who scares you? Each is emulating something within you, something you have decided to try out.

We are each mimicking back the qualities and attributes of each other. We are telling each other, ‘This is how you are playing your game.’

It is all you; it is not them. There is no ‘them’ because you are the only One here.

You are a part of the One playing out a game, and everyone and everything around you is a parody of your strategy for playing this wonderful game called life on earth.”

The New Angels on the Block

Copyright Estelle Maria Love, 2012

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Death Brings The Sweetest Freedom

It is often spoken about, that death is a blessing for the person who has passed, especially when they have suffered or are in pain, agony or distress. But it can also be a blessing for the person who has ‘lost’ them. Dramas are played out in the game and when one person decides to exit (it is always their choice when and how to pass), it can put a halt to the drama played out between these two characters.

People can become distressed when another decides to cross, usually because they have forgotten it is only a game; or have hidden the truth that this person has chosen to go. And sometimes like children, they just did not want this particular game to end with this person.

But for the person left in the game who was weary of the charade played out between the two people, death too can be a blessed relief. Many who feel this often suffer with guilt. ‘How can I feel relief when my mother has just died?’ They beat themselves up inside and wouldn’t dare to admit their true feelings. But letting go of someone from the game, changes your game. It frees you from the act and charade you had going with this person. As they cross, you are liberated from all the ties, obligations – you are no longer beholden to them. As they cross, you too are unbound, delivered and released.

Freedom isn’t only felt by the person crossing back over to Oneness; it is also felt by the person left in the game. Death for all can bring the sweetest freedom and liberation.

Copyright Estelle Maria Love, 2012

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Seats Turn From Conservative to Labour

“The opposites are really showing themselves. More than ever. At the end of any cycle it is typical for it to give one last final burst. A reminder of what it is. It’s true nature. Drought, then flood. Snow, then sun. Conservative, then Labour. Wind, then stillness. Employed, then unemployed.

These opposites do not exist in Oneness. Where you come from and where you are heading back to, is a place beyond all contradiction, contrary and contrasts. Enjoy the dramatic changes for what they are; a chance to feel and live the full spectrum of the game of duality. You will soon know the entire antithesis of duality – pure Oneness.”


The New Angels on the Block

Copyright Estelle Maria Love, 2012

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Disengaging with Politics?

“As you get bored of playing the game, it is no surprise you disengage with the systems of the game: the traditions, religions, politics, law, policies, procedures, people who keep these alive and upheld – police, politicians, judges, civil servants. They are all heavily rooted in the game. They make these up; change them and alter them. They fix them in place and ensure their existence. They try to keep everyone within these rules. This is the game in play.

As you tire of the game, you start to pull away from all that holds the game in place. You realise on a deep level that you are not this game; you are not the rules and boundaries that appear to hold you in one place.

What you are now starting to remember is that you go so much further than these seeming restrictions and ties. My dearest One these systems, laws, politics and rules are the game. They have given you a chance to experience what it feels like to be restrained, constrained and trapped; unable to sense the full extent of the real you. But my dear One, they are not real; they are only part of this game.

In Oneness, you have no boundaries, no ends, no limits, no borders, no rigid rules and no rule enforcers. In pure Oneness you are everywhere, everyone and all that is, was and ever will be – you are the One and All. And as you move closer back home to Oneness you are naturally pulling away from the rules in this game; they have served their purpose.

Although some who are still in full-out-play with the game are fighting the disintegration and disengagement of the rules and are trying to bring even more in. But fear not, this will not hold for long. You are destined to return back to your natural state of Oneness, where you will once again be free and liberated.”

The New Angels on the Block

Copyright Estelle Maria Love, 2012

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Life is Like a Game of Monopoly

“Can you think back to the first time you played Monopoly? Remember when it was brand new to you? Recall the excitement of learning the rules and working out how best to win the game. Playing with all the money and relishing choosing your piece. Learning how to progress around the board; the role of the banker and the different ways you could steal the money if that role was claimed by you; the houses and hotels, how to buy these properties and the consequences of landing on someone else’s property and how to cheat when no-one else was looking. How to accumulate the most money by using the rules and by ignoring them; how to use the community chest cards and the chance cards to full effect. All the intricacies of the game, learnt with joy and enthusiasm. Like going on a new adventure, not knowing how the end of the game would turn out.

Over the days, weeks, months and sometimes years of playing you get used to how things pan out. Just like this game on earth, you tire and bore of it. You know the drill, you played it every which way you can possibly think of; nothing is that new to you any more. Of course, the reality is that every game (life) is different and unique, no life is the same. But over time there is a strong feeling of déjà vu about the whole proceedings.

Frustrated with the banality of it all. Bored with going around the same board, time and time again.

You are at this stage now with your game on earth. There are some still playing with gusto, who will never tire, but for the majority, you feel bored with playing the same game, over and over and over again. You are not going mad, this is natural. You’re coming to the end of a magnificent game. You have had the time of your lives. And the most wonderful news is that this game on planet earth is only the first of many exciting adventures.”

The New Angels on the Block

Copyright Estelle Maria Love, 2012

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Are Your Tired, Fatigued and Weary?

“Many of you are tired as you near the end of your game. It is like attending the most crazy, manic, chaotic, thrilling party of your life. You began with such verve and excitement, but for many of you, you have played, played and then played some more, got knocked over and got up again, and then played even more. There is a moment in the life-cycle of any party, no matter how spectacular, amazing and awe-inspiring, when you know it is time to go home.

This game on earth and in this universe has been one-of-a-kind and has allowed you to experience and realise all that you are not, so that you can once more in that moment of transformation, know again the glory and power of who you really are – One.

You sense your game is coming to an end and you are weary of keeping up the pretence of this charade that you are separate beings, operating in a time and dual bound existence.

If you, like many, are feeling tired, exhausted, wrung-out and depleted worry not. Remember you are magnificent, dazzling and exquisite beyond measure and the tiredness you may be experiencing currently is linked to merely playing this epic game called life on earth.”

 The New Angels on the Block

Copyright Estelle Maria Love, 2012

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Does Karma Really Exist?

Enjoy this podcast posted on my website!




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